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ASN.1 editor

An on line free tool to create and modify 3GPP ASN.1 messages

ASN.1, which stands for Abstract Syntax Notation One, is a standard interface description language for defining data structures that can be serialized and deserialized in a cross-platform way. It is a notation used in specifying the syntax of data structures that are independent of machine-specific encoding techniques.

ASN.1 serves as a standardized and abstract description language in 3GPP, facilitating the definition of data structures, encoding rules, and protocols for efficient and interoperable communication within mobile networks. It ensures that different network elements can understand and process messages in a consistent manner, enabling seamless communication across diverse telecommunications infrastructure.

Amarisoft ASN.1 editor

AMARI logging GUI

On line free tool to read and analyze Amarisoft logs

The software elements crafted by Amarisoft, comprising eNodeB, gNodeB, EPC, 5GC, IMS, eMBMS, and UE Simulator, generate thorough logs integral to their operational procedures. These logs, stored in text files, are accessible for real-time or offline review through a web GUI interface. The interface features advanced filtering capabilities, enabling users to concentrate on specific facets, and provides immediate decoding of messages across all layers within the 3GPP LTE and NR stacks. Furthermore, the GUI incorporates the generation of insightful graphs and analytic tools. This multifaceted functionality empowers users not only to monitor and troubleshoot network and user equipment activities but also to glean valuable insights through visual representations and analytical tools. This contributes significantly to a more efficient and insightful debugging and troubleshooting process.

The web GUI is embedded in every Amarisoft product as a web server and can also be accessed online through the following link.

Amarisoft logging GUI