AMARI UE Simbox E Series

Hundreds of UEs on your desk

The Amarisoft UE simulator serves as an optimal solution for conducting functional and performance testing in both 4G and 5G networks. It functions as a 3GPP compliant LTE, LTE-M, NB-IOT, and 5G SA/NSA UE, allowing for the simulation of numerous UEs simultaneously within the same spectrum.

AMARI UE Simbox Series high level architecture
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icon for 5G


The AMARI UE Simbox emulates multiple UEs supporting 5G standalone mode (SA) . 5G Non Terrestrial Network (NTN) and 5G Reduced Capacity (RedCap) are also supported.

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The AMARI UE Simbox emulates multiple UEs supporting LTE and LTE-A.

icon for LTE-M


The AMARI UE Simbox emulates multiple UEs supporting LTE-M.

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The AMARI UE Simbox emulates multiple UEs supporting NB-IOT category NB1 and NB2. It also supports Non Terrestrial Network (NTN) NB-IOT.

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Up to 256 UEs

Depending the AMARI UE Simbox platform, and the eNodeB/gNodeB configuration, it can emulate up to 256 concurrent active UEs.

icon for Downlink and uplink throughput

2 Gbps - 1 Gbps

Depending on the AMARI UE Simbox platform, and the eNodeB/gNodeB configuration, the product can deliver up to 2 Gbps in downlink and 1 Gbps in uplink.

icon for 4G and 5G handover


Intra and Inter eNB/gNB handover are supported.

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Carrier aggregation

The AMARI UE Simbox can aggregate multiple TDD and FDD LTEor NR FR1 cells for high throughput testing.

icon for Voice over LTE (VoLTE) and Voice over NR (VoNR)


Thanks to our partner Simnovus add-on, the AMARI UE Simbox support VoLTE and VoNR.

Highlighted features

Logging and Measurements

Logging and Measurements

Selective logging and display of all layers of 3GPP LTE and NR stacks as well as useful graphs and analytic tools. Log example

Automatic Test Setup and Scripting

Automatic Test Setup and Scripting

Extensive WebSocket API allowing to send remote commands to UE Simulator software to ease test automation. Tutorial

Easy Configuration

Easy Configuration

Easy configuration thanks to JSON files with example configurations already included in each software release.

End to End Data Testing

End to End Data Testing

Running on top of standard Linux in user space mode allowing easy integration with IP services.

Data Traffic Generator

Data Traffic Generator

Embedded traffic generator provides a controlled environment for reproducible results as well as a variety of traffic types such as TCP, UDP and HTTP.

Channel Simulation

Channel Simulation

On the downlink side, depending on the simulated UE path loss, the channel simulator modifies the PER of PDSCH and PDCCH and updates measured RSRP/CQI and modifies the uplink signal level accordingly. Tutorial

High Performance

High Performance

Highly optimized software supporting multiple UEs and cells

3GPP Features

3GPP Features

Early access to 3GPP features for rapid validation of features under development.

Frequency Agnostic

Frequency Agnostic

Support of a wide range of FDD and TDD frequency bands even nonstandard ones. Tutorial


AMARI simboxe low level architecture

Software components

4G 5G UE Simulator

A UE Simulator software able to simulate a large number of LTE, LTE-M, NB-IOT including NTN, RedCap and 5G NR including NTN UEs sharing the same spectrum. Technical doc

UE Simulator software architecture and interfaces legend

Hardware components

Simbox Specfication

Simbox Specification
Dimensions H × W × D46.5 cm × 23.3 cm × 53.3 cm
Weight14 kg
# AMARI PCIe SDR 100 4x4 Cards2
Power supply voltage100 - 240V AC
CPUIntel i9

AMARI PCIe SDR 100 4x4 Card

AMARI PCIe SDR 100 4x4 is a software defined radio (SDR) card based on AD9361 2x2 RF transceivers. It supports MIMO 4x4, FDD and TDD operations in any frequency between 500 MHz and 6GHz. It has an integrated GPS for accurate time and frequency synchronization. The cards can be easily chained thanks to a provided cable allowing clock and PPS propagation in between the cards. This will facilitate testing of higher MIMO layers and carrier aggregation. The total bandwidth of the card is 100 MHz, and its output power is around 12 dBm depending on the frequency used. The card requires at least gen 3 PCIe slot. This RF is used in AMARI Callbox Advanced, AMARI Callbox Ultimate, AMARI Callbox Extreme, AMARI UE Simbox E Series and AMARI UE Simbox MBS Series products.

Technical doc

AMARI PCIe SDR 100 4x4 Card is an Amarisoft Software Defined Radio designed for 5G
AMARI PCIe SDR 100 4x4 Card technical specification
Dimensions H × W × D 2 cm × 13 cm × 22 cm
Weight 0.2 kg
Frequency range 500 MHz to 6.0 GHz
RF bandwidth 1.4 MHz to 100 MHz
Power supply voltage 12 V DC input
Operation mode FDD and TDD
MIMO 4x4
ADC/DAC sample rate 122.88 MS/s
ADC/DAC resolution 12 bits
Frequency accuracy < 1 ppm
PCIe minimum requirements 8x / Gen 3
LTE 20MHz 64QAM EVM <4% RMS (f<3.5 GHz)
<2% RMS (f<2.6 GHz)
Synchronization Internal clock , PPS signal, GPS , Reference external clock (LVDS)


The software utilized in all AMARI UE Simbox Series products remains consistent. The primary distinction among the Simboxes lies in the hardware specifications, including CPU power and the number and type of SDRs. These differences result in variations in capacity, covering aspects such as the number of cells, cell bandwidth, MIMO layers, and the quantity of emulated UEs.

Specifically designed for small cell gNodeB testing, the AMARI UE Simbox E Series offers four different variants supporting 1, 64, 128, or 256 UEs. Additionally, it supports 5G NTN as a software option.

For those interested in 5G macro base station testing, explore the capabilities of the AMARI UE Simbox MBS.

Use Case Product LTE 5G SA 5G NSA
up to 20 MHz 2x2 up to 20 MHz 4x4 up to 100 MHz 4x4 up to 100 MHz 4x4
1 CC 4 CC 1 CC 2 CC 1 CC 1 CC
Number of UEs
AMARI UE Simbox E 001 check sign check sign check sign check sign check sign check sign
AMARI UE Simbox E 064 check sign check sign check sign check sign check sign check sign
AMARI UE Simbox E 128 check sign check sign check sign check sign check sign check sign
AMARI UE Simbox E 256 1000 check sign 1000 check sign check sign 128

Cells with check sign means that the number of UEs in the product name is supported in this config.
Cells with a number (256, 1000…) shows the supported number of UEs in this configuration.
Emply cells means that this config is not supported in this product.

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