About us

Founded in 2012 by Fabrice BELLARD and Franck SPINELLI, Amarisoft is a non-conventional software company dedicated to telecoms industry.

We are delighted to bring some affordable and high quality solutions to the 4G/5G community to unleash creativity and ultimately expand communications among people.
Accessible technology is the basement of success stories. Our goal is to develop a technology that significantly improves the life of as many people as possible no matter where they are located. We are working on helping companies of all sizes to become players in mobile networks of existing and next generations.

We hope you will enjoy the opportunity!

Our key achievements

The team



Co-founder - Chief Executive Officer

Telecoms engineer and serial entrepreneur with a strong innovative spirit, Franck gathered at Amarisoft an international and well-known developer team to revolutionize the 4G/5G environment.

After graduating at ESIGETEL, Franck has been working in the IT and Telecoms industries since 1994 where he held several project management positions at Alcatel and Nokia. In 2003, he created Remoteam to bring a geo-tracking solution to the market. In 2008, he established Elemasoft to deliver software solution around iPhone and iPad in different fields. He recently launched a DVB-T set-top box dedicated to blind and visually impaired people based on the Netgem product.



Co-founder - Chief Technical Officer

Widely acclaimed super programmer, Fabrice partnered with Franck to set up Amarisoft.

Fabrice studied at Ecole Polytechnique and specialized at Telecom Paris in 1996. He developed the FFmpeg libraries used by more than a billion mobile units today, and the QEMU emulator for which he won the Google – O’Reilly Open Source Award in 2011. Fabrice is an amazing person bringing creativity to the whole team.

Emmanuel PUIG

Emmanuel PUIG

R&D Director

Graduated from Ecole Centrale Paris, Emmanuel is an expert in embedded systems and Telecoms industry with over 15 years’ experience, working on all software development layers, from drivers to end user experience.

He heads the Research & Development team of the Amarisoft solutions and fosters technical relationships with clients and partners.

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Amarisoft joins the selective club of Systematic Champions

Amarisoft is part of the F120, through the growth-based selection path.

Amarisoft is founding member of the European Association of
Next Generation Telecommunications Network Innovators

Amarisoft is part of the F120, for the second year.