With more than 1000 customers all over the world, Amarisoft is the ideal partner for your LTE solution, from the lab to the field.

They trust us

AW2S (SERMA Group) uses AMARI LTE 100 to build Macro and Small cells.

AW2S integrates Amarisoft software to build a ready-to-deploy LTE and 5G macro base stations and small cells. We are delighted to associate our RRH to an Amarisoft BBU to provide carrier grade products which cover operator deployment, fixed wireless, network densification and private network markets. This technology offers a very flexible solution and makes easy new feature implementation and upgrades after initial deployment.  While for private network we use the compact Amarisoft EPC, we rely on third party EPC for bigger deployment, the S1 integration is really straight forward.

Along with our partners, hundreds of AW2S/Amarisoft cells have been deployed in the field worldwide for 4 years now, and more to come.

Jérémy Tastet
Commercial Director AW2S

Casa Systems, Inc. uses our AMARI LTE Callbox Pro to testFixed Wireless products.

The Amarisoft LTE network software and SDR cards have provided a flexible environment for testing multiple LTE devices, eg. simulating multiple LTE cells, MIMO and carrier aggregation testing, Voice over LTE, Cat M1/NB1, etc.

The software’s text configuration files can be easily customised, the LTE protocol logs are helpful for debugging, and its extensive Remote API is a good option for automation. Most importantly, Amarisoft have been quick to provide solutions whenever we have encountered a setup issue or software bug.

Sahan Dasanayaka
Automation Test Team Leader

Altair uses our AMARI LTE Callbox Mini to test NB-IOT and LTE-M products.

Altair as a world leading provider of LTE chipsets, playing a pivotal role in realizing the vision of the Internet of Things (IoT) is using AMARI LTE Callbox Mini  for 2 years.

AMARI LTE Callboxes are a cost effective product which is very easy to use, gives the ability to test many CAT-M and NB-IOT features and in together with professional and quick support, it’s a perfect solution for LTE network simulation.

Amarisoft gave us the ability to provide configured and reliable LTE network simulation for all R&D users.

Marian Criss
System Validation Manager

Riot micro aquired our AMARI LTE Callbox Mini.

When we needed a simple, flexible solution for testing our Narrowband IoT solution, there were no solutions available on the market.  Amarisoft came through for us with excellent logging capability and were able to quickly implement new features as needed.  Their excellent technical support and eagerness to work with us have helped to bring our RM1000 product to market quickly.

Greg Wynans
VP of Marketing

Rolling Wireless is using our AMARI Callbox Ultimate 

At Rolling Wireless, we have been using AMARI callboxes for several years. Our R&D team now relies on the network simulators to test and validate our next-generation automotive 5G modules, and the System Engineering team uses them for product demonstrations and to test and troubleshoot customer solutions as part of our technical support services.

The AMARI callboxes allow us to test complex configuration scenarios, making it easy to identify any issues and to ensure our products always meet the automotive industry’s rigorous performance standards. They have become essential tools for our teams, and we are happy to recommend Amarisoft to any company seeking a comprehensive network simulator for their 5G product validation and support needs.

Iñigo Leturia
Director, System Engineering

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