Amarisoft Ecosystem

Amarisoft builds a comprehensive ecosystem of resellers and integrators who use our technology to provide the market with ready-to-use products.

Reseller - China/Taiwan

Envinex  Technology is a professional network communications company that specializes in Internet network agency service of test equipment, network security and integration. Located in Taiwan, Envinex ‘s business covers network equipment for Enterprises, chip design house, NEMs and Telecom Operators.

Resellers - China

Based in Shenzhen China, Weiron is the LTE and 5G test solution provider. Being expert on 3GPP wireless technology, Weiron provides test solutions for full product life cycle from product development to production and deployment including engineering services for a variety of telecommunications and IoT products.

Outdoor & indoor high power RRH

AW2S is an engineering company, specialized in the design and manufacture of fore front technology products and system solutions for wireless telecommunication infrastructures. AW2S developed a full range of Remote Radio Head and products able to work with Amarisoft eNodeB and ePC allowing to build professional wireless telecom networks for application ranging such as PMR, white zones or cellular infrastructures.

Tests & measurements, a global leader in feature, conformance and load testing for LTE/4G, 3G, IMS, VoIP and PSTN telecommunications networks, provides cutting-edge technology to network operators and device manufacturers for validation of telecom products and software applications. Our broad supported protocols and cost-effective emulation testing deliver time and resource savings benefits. leverages our proprietary technology platform coupled with partner components.

Tests & measurements

Changeself Technology focuses on wireless products and solutions and has the expertise on the cloud-based, NFV, hardware radio and other new technologies of 4G, NB-IoT, 5G measurement solutions and automation testing systems products. The main products are mobile device performance/ experience, UE simulation, drive test software, location testing. Main customers include research institutes, operators, equipment manufacturers, chip manufacturers and terminal manufacturers.

Tests & measurements

NOFFZ Technologies develops and produces industry-leading test systems and automation solutions for the entire product development process. Through the in-house development of a modular test platform, the Universal Tester Platform - UTP, the test solutions from NOFFZ balance flexibility and standardization. NOFFZ experts support individually adapted concepts to the respective wired and wireless specifications e.g., of connectivity, infotainment, and ADAS applications.  

Tests & measurements

QA Cafe’s CDRouter is the industry standard test solution for broadband CPE and Wi-Fi routers. Together with Amarisoft’s AMARI Callbox, developers of fixed-wireless solutions have an easy, cost-effective way to connect their devices for repeatable, fully-automated access to thousands of test cases in CDRouter for feature validation, stability, certification, and performance.

Outdoor & indoor high power RRH

Lopcomm is a leading provider of 4/5G mobile communication network equipment and service based on vRAN architecture, headquartered in Hong Kong. The company is committed to provide professional indoor coverage, base station, RF, shielding and Industrial IoT products and solutions to customers around the world. More than 15% of the annual revenue is reinvested in R&D for continues innovation, and a number of patented inventions and technologies have been granted up to now, especially the high-performance RRU, which has 50% lower energy consumption and 50% less weight and volume comparing to traditional technology, achieving interconnection with mainstream vRAN manufacturers in Europe and the United States. Lopcomm continues to work with global operators and enterprise customers for the innovation and technology transformation in the domain of wireless communication networks.

Reseller - China

GeeFlex Labs is the distributor of Amarisoft products in China mainland, and has experts and rich experience on various software defined radio technologies.

Reseller - China/Taiwan

Paralink Networks, Inc., founded in 1992, is a leading test equipment distributor for mobile wireless and broadband network market in Mainland China and Taiwan. Paralink Networks has experienced sales and engineering teams to service the customers in the region.

Reseller - Russia | Pmr Integrated solution | Tests & measurements

2TEST is a Russian manufacturer and provider of end-to-end telecommunication, measurement and infrastructure technology solutions. With over 20 years of experience, 2TEST company delivers cutting-edge technology tools to improve customer value, operational performance and efficiency, working with multiple industries across Russia and CIS.

Pmr Integrated solution | Tests & measurements

Expway delivers content cost effectively from mobile antenna to end-user device, with consistent high-quality-of-experience. Expway provides both the eMBMS server and the device middleware. Expway eBox For Critical Communications is designed for ruggedized device manufacturers looking to verify their products with a 3GPP compliant PS-LTE network and public safety agencies to evaluate PTT, MC-Video and MC-Data on a LTE network.

Tests & measurements

Since 1991, Testforce has built its reputation by being experts in everything test. Testforce delivers critical technologies that drive our customers forward. Our core values are the catalyst that have accelerated our progress and facilitated our growth. The main objective at Testforce will always be to make our customers are successful in everything they do. We do this by building on our foundation of continuous improvement through adapting and evolving to our environment.


Lime Microsystems is the world’s leading designer and manufacturer of Field Programmable RF transceivers. The company’s software configurable chips can run any mobile standard and any mobile frequency and have been used in a vast array of systems, including mobile base stations and small cells, SDR platforms, indoor navigation and machine-to-machine communication systems.


Neutral Wireless Ltd brings extensive expertise in software defined radio (SDR) design and implementation. The company supports customers in a number of countries and its 5G private network solutions are configured to operate within shared spectrum frequency bands and are both affordable and highly secure by design.  Customers, from across multiple market verticals, can deploy Neutral Wireless solutions to rapidly enhance their productivity and operational efficiency.

Reseller - Taiwan

Meshlink was founded by 5G/4G and Wi-Fi test experts and owns 20 years of experience in Telecommunication and networking. Our top priority has been to provide professionals working with reliable 5G/WiFi Testing equipment, 5G Private networks, and End to End testing solutions. By allying high-quality RF components and strong automation partners, we serve the testing market of 4G/5G/WiFi and Broadband, Small Cell, IC design house, Operator, and Research center.

Reseller - Korea

Headquartered at Bundang, Korea, WeGoes (We are Expert Group of Electronics Solution) was founded in 2012 to provide our customers with a total solution, while bringing their products first to the market.

Reseller - Japan

SST is a trading company in Japan who offers sourcing business such as image sensor analyze software, device, and latest electronic panel materials with the international sourcing network to meet customer’s request rapidly and certainly.

Pmr Integrated solution | Outdoor & indoor high power RRH

AIR-LYNX is manufacturer of an innovative 4G LTE network. Autonomous and secure, this ultra-compact solution is also flexible in frequency and quick to deploy. It can be deployed in many scenarios: next Generation PMR networks, Industry 4.0, IoT and rural networks. In 2017, AIR-LYNX is starting its first 5G architecture and NB-IoT implementations.

Pmr Integrated solution | SDR

Fairwaves is a pioneer in software-defined radio and OpenRAN telecom solutions. It has been developing and selling its industrial SDRs since 2011, as well as building complete RAN solutions and deploying them in the field. Initially focused on low-income markets and rural areas with its base stations optimized for solar power and satellite backhaul, it’s now providing a spectrum of solutions for urban areas, IoT, and PMR networks. XTRX, XYNC, and XCOM are the smallest industrial SDR systems supporting Amarisoft.


Ettus Research™, a National Instruments company (NI), is the world’s leading supplier of software defined radio platforms, including the USRP™. By supporting a wide variety of development environments on an expansive portfolio of high performance RF hardware, the USRP platform is the SDR platform of choice for thousands of engineers, scientists and students for exploration, prototyping and developing wireless technologies.

Reseller – Japan

Artiza Networks is the leader in 3G, 4G, and 5G radio access network (RAN) and core network (CN) node testing. For over 20 years, Artiza has collaborated with the industry’s top vendors and operators in testing the RAN and core network nodes of the world’s most advanced mobile networks. We meet the full range of our customers’ needs through our innovative, products and solutions, combined with our award-winning customer support and a sales force versed in mobile network technology.

Reseller – Australia

TMG has been providing Australia’s data and telecommunications industries with cutting edge network test equipment for over 35 years. TMG serves a wide range of industries including, but not limited to, Telecommunications (Telephone, Wireless, HFC, Structured Cabling and Fibre), Civil, Electrical, Transport (Road, Rail, Airlines) and Utlities (gas, water, power), Data Centre and Submarine

Device Test & Measurement

Advantest is a leading manufacturer of automated device test and measurement solutions for wireless operators, device suppliers, and test laboratories. 

Through Advantest’s collaboration with Amarisoft, users of AMARI Callbox have access to an enriched user interface, advanced log capture and analysis features, and the ability to script test cases using Python, a high-level, general-purpose programming language. By outsourcing test case scripting to Advantest, AMARI Callbox users can leverage our proprietary test engine to execute automated tests seamlessly. Additionally, Advantest provides operator-validated test plans on the same test engine for a comprehensive testing experience.

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