4G 5G from the lab to the field

Device testing - Network Emulators

Device testing
Network Emulators
AMARI Callbox Series is a 4G 5G test equipment for device testing

Network testing - UE Emulators

Network testing
UE Emulators
AMARI UE Simbox Series is a 4G 5G test equipment for base station testing

Public & private networks

Public & private networks
4G 5G public and private networks

Amarisoft technology

Enabling wireless connectivity through innovative technology.

Our unparalleled 100% software technology caters to all your requirements. Amarisoft delivers distinctive eNB, gNB, and UE simulator software to the wireless industry, compatible with readily available off-the-shelf hardware, including the physical layer. Complementing this software suite is a compact 4G/5G core network, an IMS server, an MBMS gateway, and an N3IWF.

In laboratory settings, this technology is delivered seamlessly integrated with software-defined radio front ends, offering cost-effective and high-quality test equipment for both device and base station testing. In the field, over 40 partners leverage our vRAN software, paired with high-power split 8 and split 7.2 radios, to provide the network deployment market with comprehensive products and services that address the requirements of both public and private networks.

Amarisoft end-to-end software technology including eNodeB, gNodeB, EPC, 5GC, IMS, eMBMS, N3IWF and UE Simulator

Amarisoft technology advantages

Carrier-grade technology Carrier-grade

Globally deployed software in 60+ countries.

Confirmed interoperability with chipset makers.

Robust stability, ensuring reliable performance in diverse operational environments.

Pioneer and industry-leader in full-software vRAN performance.

Open technology Open

Runs on any standard Linux distributions.

Runs on any x86 or ARM general purpose computer.

Expose tens of 3GPP standard interfaces.

Accessible interface for any split 8 or 7.2 radio front end.

Affordable solutions Affordable

Cost-effective solutions encompassing both laboratory and field applications.

A diverse product portfolio designed to suit companies of any scale and financial scope.

Software updates include new features at no additional cost.


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March 15, 2024 Amarisoft Official Release 2024-03-15
MWC 2024: Intel, Cisco, and Neutral Wireless Unveil Groundbreaking 5G Private Network for Major Sporting Event.
MWC 2024: Intel, Cisco, and Neutral Wireless Unveil Groundbreaking 5G Private Network for Major Sporting Event.

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