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About us

Founded in 2012 by Fabrice BELLARD and Franck SPINELLI, Amarisoft is a non-conventional software company dedicated to telecoms industry.

We are delighted to bring some affordable and high quality solutions to the 4G community to unleash creativity
and ultimately expand communications among people.

Accessible technology is the basement of success stories.
Our goal is to develop a technology that significantly improves the life of as many people as possible no matter where they are located.
We are working on helping companies of all sizes to become players in mobile networks of existing and next generations.

We hope you will enjoy the opportunity!


Co-founder - Chief Executive Officer

Telecoms engineer and serial entrepreneur

Co-founder - Chief Technical Officer

Graduated from Ecole Polytechnique
Emmanuel PUIG
Emmanuel PUIG

R&D Director

Graduated from Ecole Centrale Paris


Amarisoft provides hundreds of companies all around the world with LTE solution, powering a wide area of communications products.

Amarisoft Added Values

  • Cost Reduction: Our mission in Amarisoft is to offer affordable solution to LTE community. Our initial pricing is set in a way to make our technology available to as many companies as possible no matter where they are located. There is no extra fee per feature as it is with legacy Telecom vendors. Software upgrades come for free.
  • Gain in Business Agility: Simple software upgrade allows you to take advantage of the latest 3GPP features . No need to wait for a hardware refresh as there is no hardware dependency in the baseband code. There is also no need to go through complex pricing per feature as with legacy Telecom vendors. Latest 3GPP features are available ahead of major providers for free.
  • High Flexibility and Availability: Our software runs on commodity x86 machines with Linux OS. The baseband code does not use any DSP, ASIC or FPGA. This makes the system availability and flexibility much higher than legacy solutions as you can easily choose your hardware by yourself.
  • Scalability: Our software is natively ready for cloud and data center integration. Virtualization adds a new dimension to scalability of our solution as provisioning a new LTE system will only be a matter of minutes.

Last day at #MWC18 to watch @amarisoft live demos and have a chat with our team!
#5G NR software, #4G gigabit range #eNodeB and tiny #NB-#IoT #eNodeB

Last day at #MWC18 to watch @amarisoft live demos and have a chat with our team!
#5G NR software, #4G gigabit range #eNodeB and tiny #NB-#IoT #eNodeB

"@amarisoft #LTE software suite was instrumental for testing the #LTE Pack while #LTE Cat M1/NB1 networks are being deployed by #telecom operators."

#MWC18, @RiotMicro and @amarisoft demonstrate #NB-IoT/#LTE-M module reference design

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