Building on our vRAN leadership, Amarisoft offers a comprehensive suite of 4G and 5G technologies, encompassing the entire spectrum from core network solutions to UE simulators and Software-Defined Radios (SDRs). This end-to-end approach reflects our commitment to providing versatile and robust solutions that cater to diverse industry needs.
Amarisoft is uniquely positioned to serve two key markets. Firstly, in the realm of test and measurement, our solutions play a pivotal role in device and network testing, ensuring the reliability and performance of telecommunications infrastructure. Secondly, in the domain of public and private network deployment, Amarisoft delivers technology to partners, enabling them to establish and optimize networks that meet the demands of both existing and emerging connectivity requirements.
Our dedication to technological excellence, coupled with a focus on adaptability, positions Amarisoft as a trusted partner for industries navigating the complexities of wireless communication. Whether it's facilitating rigorous testing processes or facilitating the deployment of robust networks, Amarisoft continues to be a driving force in advancing the capabilities of 4G and 5G technologies.
Amarisoft company timeline
Franck Spinelli, Amarisoft CEO

Franck Spinelli

Co-founder & CEO

Telecoms engineer and serial entrepreneur with a strong innovative spirit, Franck gathered at Amarisoft an international and well-known developer team to revolutionize the 4G/5G environment.
After graduating at ESIGETEL, Franck has been working in the IT and Telecoms industries since 1994 where he held several project management positions at Alcatel and Nokia. In 2003, he created Remoteam to bring a geo-tracking solution to the market. In 2008, he established Elemasoft to deliver software solution around iPhone and iPad in different fields. He recently launched a DVB-T set-top box dedicated to blind and visually impaired people based on the Netgem product.

Fabrice Bellard, Amarisoft Co-founder & CTO

Fabrice Bellard

Co-founder & CTO

Widely acclaimed super programmer, Fabrice partnered with Franck to set up Amarisoft.
Fabrice studied at Ecole Polytechnique and specialized at Telecom Paris in 1996. He developed the FFmpeg libraries used by more than a billion mobile units today, and the QEMU emulator for which he won the Google – O’Reilly Open Source Award in 2011. Fabrice is an amazing person bringing creativity to the whole team.

Emmanuel Puig, Amarisoft VP Engineering

Emmanuel Puig

VP Engineering

Graduated from Ecole Centrale Paris, Emmanuel is an expert in embedded systems and Telecoms industry with over 15 years’ experience, working on all software development layers, from drivers to end user experience.
He heads the Research & Development team of the Amarisoft solutions and fosters technical relationships with clients and partners.

Marouan Benabdellah-Chaouni, Amarisoft VP Sales & Marketing

Marouan Benabdellah-Chaouni

VP Sales & Marketing

In this role, Marouan leads the sales and marketing team, focusing on the global expansion of Amarisoft's business and enhancing the company's partner ecosystem. With a wealth of experience exceeding 20 years in research and development, as well as business within the wireless industry, Marouan brings valuable expertise to his position.
Before joining Amarisoft in 2016, he held various positions at Motorola, Nvidia, and Intel. Marouan earned his master’s degree in Telecom & Network Engineering from ENSEEIHT in 2002.

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Amarisoft Official Release 2024-03-15
March 15, 2024 Amarisoft Official Release 2024-03-15
MWC 2024: Intel, Cisco, and Neutral Wireless Unveil Groundbreaking 5G Private Network for Major Sporting Event.
MWC 2024: Intel, Cisco, and Neutral Wireless Unveil Groundbreaking 5G Private Network for Major Sporting Event.
MWC 2024: 5G NR and NB-IoT Non-Terrestrial Communication System on Amarisoft Callbox Series,  Amarisoft UE Simbox Series and a Sony ALT1250 NB-IoT NTN module
MWC 2024: 5G NR and NB-IoT Non-Terrestrial Communication System on Amarisoft Callbox Series, Amarisoft UE Simbox Series and a Sony ALT1250 NB-IoT NTN module


With more than 1000 customers in 60+ countries, Amarisoft is the ideal partner for your 4G 5G solution, from the lab to the field.

UE makers

Amarisoft assists manufacturers of 5G and IoT chipsets, modules, and devices in efficiently testing user equipment throughout the entire process, from research and development to the factory, in a cost-effective manner.

RAN makers

Amarisoft delivers to infra vendor and telcos high quailty and affordable UE emulation solution for functional and load testing.

CORE makers

Amarisoft provides infrastructure vendors and telecom companies with a high-quality and cost-effective solution for emulating User Equipment (UE). This solution is designed for both functional and load network testing purposes.

Public and Private Networks

Amarisoft boasts a network of over 40 partners, and its technology is embedded in hundreds of live networks globally.

Reseach & Education

Amarisoft versatile lab products have garnered acclaim from academic teams, enabling them to conduct advanced research and develop wireless courses and training programs for both students and professionals.

Startups & Internet giants

Innovative companies worldwide leverage Amarisoft's products to validate new concepts and bring their ideas to life.