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epc Evolved Packet Core software specifications

  • LTE release 14 compliant
  • Implements one MME with built-in SGW, PGW and HSS
  • Supports several eNodeBs with standard S1 interface (S1AP and GTP-U protocols)
  • NAS integrity check and encryption using the AES, Snow3G and ZUC algorithms
  • Support of USIM cards using the XOR, Milenage or TUAK authentication algorithm
  • Handling of UE procedures: attach, authentication, security configuration, detach, tracking area update, service access, radio bearer establishment, paging
  • Multi-PDN support and built-in dynamic ERAB setup for easy VoLTE/IMS testing
  • Transparent access to the IP network (no external Serving Gateway or PDN Gateway is necessary)
  • Configurable access point name, IP range, DNS and E-RAB QoS
  • Support sending of Public Warning System messages (ETWS/CMAS)
  • IPv6 support
  • Configurable logging system for all channels with built-in text decoders
  • Remote API using WebSocket
  • Command line monitor
  • PSM and eDRX support
  • Supports several IMS servers with Rx interface
  • Support of NB-IoT RAT and control plane CIoT optimization
  • Non-IP data delivery CIoT feature
  • Attach without PDN connectivity CIoT feature
  • Support of S1 handover
  • User management via internal database without any external HSS
  • Support of optional S6a interface with external HSS
  • Support of optional S13 interface with external EIR
  • Support of broadcast and multicast PDN options

  • Implements P-CSCF with built-in I-CSCF, S-CSCF and HSS
  • Support of SIP protocol
  • Support of MD5, AKAv1 and AKAv2 authentication
  • Support of ISIM cards using the XOR, Milenage or TUAK authentication algorithm
  • Support of IPSec (ESP/transport, all algorithms)
  • Support of voice and video calls between UEs
  • Support of voice and video echo test
  • Support of call hold
  • Support of emergency call
  • Support of SMS (GSM 3.40) using SIP MESSAGE and SMS over SG
  • IPv4 and IPv6 support
  • Support of Rx interface for QoS
  • User management via internal database or with Cx interface to use external HSS
  • Command line monitor
  • Remote API using WebSocket

  • User configurable list of service and multicast components
  • M2AP protocol support
  • Generate one stream per service over the M1 interface (GTP + SYNC protocols)
  • Built-in test RTP packet generator
  • Remote API using WebSocket

Checkout our new 2018-10-18 release in your extranet: multi PDN support for UE simulator, dynamic #LTECatM scheduler, BL/CE DL subframes and PUCCH repetitions, and more...

Franck Spinelli from @amarisoft talks vRAN at RAN World #ranworld

Franck Spinelli from @amarisoft  talks vRAN at RAN World #ranworld

Come and see our vRAN live demo at @RANGlobal in Roma 9 and 10 Oct.!
@amarisoft is gold sponsor of this 2018 edition and Franck Spinelli will speak on Wednesday at 12:10 about the 100% Software 4G vRAN status, and the projection for 5G.

Our July official release is available! Check our release notes to see our updates and new features.

Download our latest release to get most advanced #catM1 / #NB-#IoT solution

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