Amarisoft 5G SA RAN and CORE has been released!

We are delighted to release a full software SA gNB and tiny 5G Core tested against commercial smartphones. 5G Amarisoft customers can upgrade from 5G NSA to SA for free! For any question, please contact us at sales(at)

5G live demo at the Deutsche Telekom headquarter in Bonn, Germany

Amarisoft recently showed a 5G live demo at the Deutsche Telekom headquarter in Bonn, Germany, during the Technology Innovation Forum 2019. The demo shows Amarisoft full software RAN eNB/gNB, including the physical layer running on COTS hardware and connecting live 5G...

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Amarisoft joins the selective club of Systematic Champions

Amarisoft is part of the F120, through the growth-based selection path.

Amarisoft is founding member of the European Association of
Next Generation Telecommunications Network Innovators