100% software based 5G RAN is now a reality!

Feb 09, 2019

100% software based 5G RAN is now a reality! Once again, Amarisoft managed to deliver what appeared impossible: a 100% software based gNodeB including the physical layer running on commodity hardware with astonishing performance. To support the industry still thinking about the most optimal way to deploy vRAN solution, Amarisoft took a giant step to provide a completely software based gNodeB that can run on commodity hardware. “We are excited to showcase the world first 100% software based gNodeB at the MWC19. We remain focus on supplying affordable solutions to the telecom industry by launching our 5G product line running on commodity hardware. Now, our customers can start using and experimenting 5G as early as today. This new 5G portfolio is the ideal extension to our existing 4G product range.” said Amarisoft CEO Franck SPINELLI. Our gNodeB implementation includes the non-standalone (NSA) mode in the sub-6 GHz spectrum and will be supporting the standalone (SA) mode later this year. Come and pass by our booth 5K13 at the MWC19. You will see our 5G and 4G software suites in action and we will be happy to help you with your wireless projects.

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