Simnovus and Amarisoft successfully integrate Simnovator® Media Pack with LTE UE Simulator at Amarisoft, Sophia-Antipolis (France) regression lab.

Oct 06, 2020

Simnovator Media Pack enables VoLTE/VoNR calls when integrated with Amarisoft UE Simulator

Amarisoft, Sophia-Antipolis, France – October 5, 2020 – Simnovus, a startup based in Bangalore (INDIA) has designed a media pack named and trademarked as “SIMNOVATOR®” which can enable VoLTE/VoNR calls once integrated with Amarisoft’s AMARI LTE / 5G UE simulator running on a compact software defined radio (SDR) platform.

Simnovator® media pack activates VoLTE clients on a COTS where Amarisoft UE Simulator runs and makes a mobile to mobile VoLTE call while registering to any 3rd party IMS Server. Currently, it has been benchmarked to enable 256 VoLTE/VoNR clients along with eMBB UEs.

“Simnovus is a long-term partner capable of leveraging on Amarisoft technology to extend and deliver VoLTE capability in the Amarisoft UE Simulator when integrated with Simnovator®. Interoperability testing began a month ago, and we closely collaborated to simulate hundreds of successful VoLTE and VoNR calls live over the air”, said Amarisoft CEO Franck Spinelli.

“The integration highlights how both Simnovator® and Amarisoft’s LTE and 5G test solutions are in constant endeavour to improve features and capabilities and target to create a best in class UE Simulator”, said Simnovus Director Uday Parida.

The AMARI LTE and 5G UE is a software suite which simulates hundreds of user devices on any x86 platform. AMARI software components are 3GPP release 15 compliant, and are easy to install and configure through JSON config files. The system is ready for automation and administration using WebSocket remote API.

“Simnovus aspires to be at the forefront of cellular wireless test & measurement and powered by Amarisoft software, is committed to offer best of the solutions and support to its customers. With SDR, software flexibility, advanced features, affordable pricing, as well as exceptional customer support, Simnovus stood apart in meeting this need”, said Saurav Jha, Director of Simnovus.

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