Amarisoft Official Release 2024-06-14

June 14, 2024

Check our latest software release with new features for Core Network, RAN and UE simulator #NTN #SimpleRAN #5G #IOT #LTE #NR #testing #privatenetworks #private5g

Core network:

Indirect data forwarding during handover
IMS AKAv2-SHA-256, AES-GCM and AES-GMAC algorithms


Backup core networks
Intra and inter eNB ICIC
Full configuration and continue RoHC handovers
NR SDT features (SUL, SRB2, logical channel SR delay timer)
NTN features (kMac, 32 UL HARQ process, T318)
NR and NB-IoT RRC UE information procedure
Empty BSR grant for time sentitive and bursty applications
NR UL Tx Switching support for SUL
Concurrent ETWS and CMAS notifications

UE simulator:

NR MICO Strictly Periodic Registration Timer
UL AMBR and GBR restrictions
Data inactivity monitoring
Access control class and UAC
Per-UE timing advance support in channel simulator
NR FR2 support
NTN support in channel simulator
NTN kMac and 32 UL HARQ processes
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