First NTN Rel17 5G NR end to end Call and Data Transfer over ASIA 9 geostationary Satellite

Dec 4, 2023

AMARISOFT: First NTN Rel17 5G NR end to end Call and Data Transfer over ASIA 9 geostationary Satellite.

Paris, 04/12/23 – AMARISOFT, a leading provider of 5G wireless network solutions, announces a major achievement with the successful completion of its first NTN Rel17 5G NR end to end Voice call and data transfer over the ASIA 9 geostationary Satellite. This milestone was accomplished using the innovative AMARI Callbox on the 5G network side and the AMARI UE Simbox on the user equipment side.

The AMARI Callbox, an SDR based 4G/5G Network solution was connected to the ground station payload in band n256. Simultaneously, the AMARI UE Simbox, an SDR based 4G/5G UE emulator, positioned on the user equipment side, was connected to the VSAT ground equipment, also utilizing band n256. The feeder link and service link employed the band Ku, showcasing the adaptability and versatility of AMARISOFT’s solutions. (see picture below for more technical details)

This achievement signifies a major leap forward in AMARISOFT’s readiness for NTN 5G NR deployment. The successful call and data transfer via the ASIA 9 Geo Satellite demonstrate the robustness and reliability of our 5G solutions in real-world scenarios, particularly in satellite communications.

As the industry continues to evolve, AMARISOFT remains at the forefront, providing innovative and reliable solutions that pave the way for the future of wireless communication. The integration of the AMARI Network solution (vRAN and 5G Core) and AMARI UE Simbox with satellite technology signifies a significant advancement in bridging communication gaps and ensuring connectivity in diverse environments.

AMARISOFT extends its gratitude to its Chinese partner and local reseller “Geeflex” for their initiative, efforts, and local technical expertise that made this achievement possible. This success not only marks a momentous occasion for our company but also reinforces our commitment to delivering cutting-edge solutions that empower the evolution of 5G networks globally.

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AMARISOFT is a leading provider of 5G wireless network solutions, committed to pushing the boundaries of technology and enabling the seamless deployment of next-generation networks. With a focus on innovation, reliability, and adaptability, AMARISOFT empowers telecommunications providers and businesses to embrace the full potential of 5G connectivity.


More technical details:


The setup was composed of

The AMARI CALLBOX (SDR based 4G/5G network solution) was connected to the ASIASAT ground station in transparent mode, using RF Cables, in n256 Band.

The Ground stations managed the Feeder and service link connections with the ASIAT 9 satellite and up/down frequency conversions from n256 to Ku bands.

The AMARI UE SIMBOX (SDR based UE emulator) was connected to the ASIASAT Ground station, emulating the NTN rel17 5G NR user equipment.

Two PC (A) and (B) where respectively connected to the CALLBOX and SIMBOX to generate and receive the IP traffic or Voice over IP data packets.

Two differents use cases have been performed successfully:

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