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Amarisoft LTE and NR network software suit is a unique full software LTE and NR solution capable to operate as a standalone system or as an integrated component in a larger network deployment. It includes eNodeB, gNodeB in SA or NSA mode, 5G Core, EPC, eMBMS gateway and IMS server running on generic x86 hardware, natively ready for virtualized environments. 

Our binary licenses can be fixed and bounded to a single hardware, floating on a USB dongle, or floating using a license server.

Up to 1000 connected UEs

1200 Mpbs 150 Mpbs

PCIe SDR Board

Amarisoft PCIe SDR card supports all LTE FDD and TDD bands. It is natively mimo 2×2. With its 56MHz bandwidth, you can achieve up to 3 x 20Mhz contiguous carrier aggregation. Thanks to a simple provided cable, you can multiple card to achieve 4x4 mimo or more cells. It can be used for a variety of purposes thanks to its open C API. 

500 MHz to 6000 MHz

0 dBm

mimo 2×2

14 + 9 =

Amarisoft joins the selective club of Systematic Champions

Amarisoft is part of the F120, through the growth-based selection path.

Amarisoft is founding member of the European Association of
Next Generation Telecommunications Network Innovators

Amarisoft is part of the F120, for the second year.