Network deployment

Amarisoft technology powers a variety of products to deploy LTE, NB-IOT and 5G NSA and SA networks in the field.

While our company focuses on developing high performance LTE and 5G NR software suite, we work closely with a range of partners to build on the top of our technology ready-to-deploy products.

Amarisoft ecosystem offers to the deployment market a solid alternative to major providers. While removing hardware dependency, reducing costs and speeding time to market, we provide our costumers with business agility. Unlike other solutions, Amarisoft unique technology runs the full RAN, including physical layer, on generic hardware. This characteristic opens a new area where 4G to 5G comes as software upgrade, and where the RAN can be seen as NVF.

Amarisoft powered products are your ideal solution for your RAN needs including femto, pico, small, macro and vRAN and private mobile networks.

From NB-IoT gateway to vRAN, our technolgy can fit it all!

Small cell

An Amarisoft based 4G, NB-IoT or 5G small cell is simply a Radio Front End added to a mother board running our software! Get advanced features and unmatched number of scheduled UEs on a compact form factor!

Macro cell

Cost effective, multi-sector and carrier grade Base Band Unit (BBU) and Remote Radio Head (RRH) supporting TDD and FDD, achieving 400 Mbps per Sector thanks to MIMO4x4 technology and 256QAM modulation.

LTE access point

Amarisoft based Base Station can also run a local compact EPC and 5G Core. Deploying in a few minutes a node acting as an LTE or 5G access point.

Private network

Partner’s private networks can fit Entreprise and Mission Critical requirement with the agility of software based solution.


Adding a multi carrier eNodeB or gNodeB to a DAS system allows a simple S1 or N2 connection to the core network!


Our expertise on RAN software allows us to provide one of the most advanced 4G and 5G vRAN solution in the industry.  

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