AMARI Callbox Series

The network on your desk

AMARI Callbox is the ideal solution for testing 5G NSA and SA, LTE, LTE-M and NB-IoT devices.
It acts as a 3GPP compliant eNB and EPC allowing functional and performance testing.
The Callbox is powered by a deployment quality software suite.
To better fit your needs, AMARI Callbox Series offers 3 different products: Mini, Classic and Ultimate.

AMARI Callbox  

AMARI Callbox Mini is a very compact solution. designed to be used everywhere. From lab to exhibition show, this is the ideal product for NB-IoT, CATM1, CAT0 to CAT4 UEs testing.

Up to 500 UEs

200 Mbps
75 Mbps



AMARI Callbox  

AMARI Callbox Classic is the Original one! With the support of 4x4 mimo and carrier aggregation, this is the ideal solution for testing up to CAT10 LTE UEs. It is also suitable for handover and reselection testing thanks to multiple cells configuration. It also supports 5G NR NSA mode.

Up to 1000 UEs

600 Mbps
150 Mbps

CA 3x mimo2x2


AMARI Callbox Ultimate 

AMARI Callbox Ultimate includes the best of Amarisoft 5G  technology providing 2 NR cells 100 MHz 4x4 and 2 cells 20MHz 4x4 at the same time.

Up to 1000 UEs

5 Gbps
500 Mbps


Test your LTE/NR compatible device

  • Generate logs from all layers, from physical layer to IP level
  • Test and check protocol procedures
  • Test many advanced LTE features from CA to NB-IoT
  • Interact in real time through our WebSocket API
  • Display constellation and channel display

Use it as a LTE/NR Callbox

  • Do end to end data communication with your own servers
  • Place VoLTE call with our IMS server
  • Supports in both IETF and 3GPP modes
  • Send SMS through over IMS or over NAS
  • No need to be a 3GPP expert

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