Amarisoft built a unique, end-to-end, at the edge of 3GPP specifications and versatile software suite which powers many of Amarisoft and Partners’ products

Technical specifications of all our software components are listed below.

For Tests & Measurements, our technology is delivered through AMARI Callbox Series and AMARI UE Simbox Series.

For Network Deployment, Amarisoft is happy to introduce you to the right Partner who builds ready-to-deploy products on top of our software.

If you wish to build a product or a service based on Amarisoft software, please contact us!


  • LTE-A: MIMO 4×4, CA up to 5 cells in DL and 3 in UL
  • IoT: Category 0, 1, M1, NB1 and NB2
  • Support of all FDD and TDD bands including custom frequencies
  • Multi-cell with support of Intra eNodeB, S1 and X2 handover


  • Compact core network including MME/S-GW/P-GW/HSS
  • NB-IoT RAT support
  • Support of all LTE QCIs as well TFT and dedicated bearers
  • Fully Linux network stack integrated
  • Optimized for access point model


  • Support FR1 and FR2 frequency ranges
  • TDD and FDD mode
  • Up to 8×8 downlink MIMO
  • Non-standalone and Standalone mode
  • Support All SSB/data subcarrier spacing combinations

UE Simulator

  • Simulation of hundreds of UEs
  • Support of Multi-cell as well Intra-freq, inter-freq and inter-band Handovers
  • CA support in DL and UL
  • IP simulation: UDP, TCP, VoIP, third party app

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Amarisoft joins the selective club of Systematic Champions

Amarisoft is part of the F120, through the growth-based selection path.

Amarisoft is founding member of the European Association of
Next Generation Telecommunications Network Innovators