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  • Implements one 5GC with built-in AMF, AUSF, SMF, UPF.
  • Supports several gNodeBs with standard NG interface (NGAP and GTP-U protocols).
  • NAS integrity check and encryption using the AES, Snow3G and ZUC algorithms. Ciphering support is now subject to export rules for your country.
  • Support of USIM cards using the XOR, Milenage or TUAK 5G-AKA authentication algorithm.
  • Handling of UE procedures: registration, authentication, security configuration, deregistration, service access, radio bearer establishment, paging.
  • Multi PDU sessions support and built-in dynamic QoS flow setup for easy VoNR/IMS
  • Transparent access to the IP network (no external UPF is necessary).
  •  Configurable access point name, IP range, DNS and QoS flows.
  •  IPv4, IPv4v6, IPv6 and unstructured PDUs support.
  •  Configurable logging system for all channels with built-in text decoders.
  •  Remote API using WebSocket.
  •  Command line monitor.
  •  Supports several IMS servers with Rx interface.
  •  User management via internal database without any external HSS.
  •  Support of broadcast and multicast PDU session options.
  •  Support sending of Public Warning System messages (ETWS/CMAS).
  •  Support of N12 interface with external AUSF.
  •  Support of N8 interface with external UDM.
  •  Support of N17 interface with external 5G-EIR.
  •  Support of N50 interface with external CBC.
  •  Support of network slicing.
IMS Server
  • Implements P-CSCF with built-in I-CSCF, S-CSCF and HSS
  • Support of SIP protocol
  • Support of MD5, AKAv1 and AKAv2 authentication
  • Support of ISIM cards using the XOR, Milenage or TUAK authentication algorithm
  • Support of IPSec (ESP/transport, all algorithms)
  • Support of voice and video calls between UEs
  • Support of voice and video echo test
  • Support of call hold
  • Support of emergency call
  • Support of SMS (GSM 3.40) using SIP MESSAGE and SMS over SG
  • IPv4 and IPv6 support
  • Support of Rx interface for QoS
  • User management via internal database or with Cx interface to use external HSS
  • Command line monitor
  • Remote API using WebSocket

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