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Tests & Measurements

LTE Call Box Packaged in a Plug and Play Integrated PC or Available as Software Bundle

  • Logging and Measurements: selective logging and display of all layers of 3GPP LTE stack as well as useful graphs and analytic tools.
  • Automatic Test Setup and Scripting: extensive WebSocket API allowing to send remote commands to eNodeB and EPC to ease test automation.
  • Easy Configuration: example configurations are included in software release in JSON format.
  • End to End Data Testing: running on top of standard Linux in user space mode allows easy integration with IP services and using of native Linux tools for throughput testing.
  • Channel Simulation: Simulation of different DL channel types as per 3GPP models specified in 36101 specification.
  • Test Features: Allowing to override the nominal protocol behavior to simulate error cases.
  • High performance: supporting hundreds of UEs and multiple cells as well as carrier aggregation with 5 carriers in downlink and 3 carriers in uplink
  • Frequency Agnostic: support of all FDD and TDD frequency bands even non standard ones allowing to deploy custom frequencies.
  • Early Access to 3GPP Features:  Early support of 3GPP features allows rapid validation of features under development.

For more technical details, check our software specifications.

Check our product page to order. You can select either a software bundle or a fully integrated desktop PC.

Test your LTE compatible device

  • Generate logs from all layers, from physical layer to IP level
  • Test and check protocol procedures
  • Test many advanced LTE features from CA to NB-IoT
  • Interact in real time through our WebSocket API
  • Display constellation and channel display

Use it as a LTE CallBox

  • Do end to end data communication with your own servers
  • Place VoLTE call with our IMS server
  • Supports in both IETF and 3GPP modes
  • Send SMS through over IMS or over NAS
  • No need to be a 3GPP expert

Our July official release is available! Check our release notes to see our updates and new features.

Download our latest release to get most advanced #catM1 / #NB-#IoT solution

External EIR through S13 interface is now supported by #EPC

External HSS through S6a interface is now supported by #EPC

Amarisoft #LTE software is now #3gpp release 14 ready

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