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Tests & Measurements

LTE Call Box Packaged in a Plug and Play Integrated PC or Available as Software Bundle

  • Logging and Measurements: selective logging and display of all layers of 3GPP LTE stack as well as useful graphs and analytic tools.
  • Automatic Test Setup and Scripting: extensive WebSocket API allowing to send remote commands to eNodeB and EPC to ease test automation.
  • Easy Configuration: example configurations are included in software release in JSON format.
  • End to End Data Testing: running on top of standard Linux in user space mode allows easy integration with IP services and using of native Linux tools for throughput testing.
  • Channel Simulation: Simulation of different DL channel types as per 3GPP models specified in 36101 specification.
  • Test Features: Allowing to override the nominal protocol behavior to simulate error cases.
  • High performance: supporting hundreds of UEs and multiple cells as well as carrier aggregation with 5 carriers in downlink and 3 carriers in uplink
  • Frequency Agnostic: support of all FDD and TDD frequency bands even non standard ones allowing to deploy custom frequencies.
  • Early Access to 3GPP Features:  Early support of 3GPP features allows rapid validation of features under development.

For more technical details, check our software specifications.

Check our product page to order. You can select either a software bundle or a fully integrated desktop PC.

Test your LTE compatible device

  • Generate logs from all layers, from physical layer to IP level
  • Test and check protocol procedures
  • Test many advanced LTE features from CA to NB-IoT
  • Interact in real time through our WebSocket API
  • Display constellation and channel display

Use it as a LTE CallBox

  • Do end to end data communication with your own servers
  • Place VoLTE call with our IMS server
  • Supports in both IETF and 3GPP modes
  • Send SMS through over IMS or over NAS
  • No need to be a 3GPP expert

Checkout our new 2018-10-18 release in your extranet: multi PDN support for UE simulator, dynamic #LTECatM scheduler, BL/CE DL subframes and PUCCH repetitions, and more...

Franck Spinelli from @amarisoft talks vRAN at RAN World #ranworld

Franck Spinelli from @amarisoft  talks vRAN at RAN World #ranworld

Come and see our vRAN live demo at @RANGlobal in Roma 9 and 10 Oct.!
@amarisoft is gold sponsor of this 2018 edition and Franck Spinelli will speak on Wednesday at 12:10 about the 100% Software 4G vRAN status, and the projection for 5G.

Our July official release is available! Check our release notes to see our updates and new features.

Download our latest release to get most advanced #catM1 / #NB-#IoT solution

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